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Welcome to, the website of futurist/sociologist Michael G. Zey, Ph.D., one of the leading speakers on emerging social, business, and technology trends.

Dr. Zey speaks at corporate, trade, and professional events for organizations such as IBM, SPRINT, MENSA, AT&T, the World Future Society, and the Social Media Summit on  topics such as the impact of Superlongevity, social networking, Baby Boomer issues, and organizational planning.

Media credits include The LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, FoxNews, CNBC, CNN, WABC’s “Batchelor Show,”  NPR, and LA’s CBS-affiliate KNX-AM. Dr. Zey’s books include Ageless Nation, The Future Factor, and The Mentor Connection.

To book Dr. Zey for your next event or media event, or interview him for a publication or program, please click here to contact him at or call 973-879-4776.

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“Dr. Zey’s Ageless Nation is a fair and honest assessment of the future of Anti-Aging and the upcoming ageless society. All boomers should read this book.”
-- Dr. Ronald Klatz, Md, Found and Presiddn to the American Academy of Anti Aging-Medicine.


“With the right breaks, Zey could be the next Alvin Toffler”
-- Book Publishers Magazine

“Zey brilliantly demonstrates the already spectacular pace of progress accelerating in the next century, the fabulous advances in medicine, industry, and education.“
-- Ronald Bailey, Reason Magazine

“Zey’s ideas buoy the spirit, and challenges conventional thinking”

“Dr. Zey is one of the most effective and vibrant speakers I’ve ever heard.”
-- Participant, ATT Conference

“Captivating Speaker"

The Superlongevity Effect
Intrepid Guidelines For Anticipating the Future
The Leader As Futurist