The Superlongevity Effect

superlongevity effectAmericans’ average life expectancy has grown from 47 years in 1900 to almost 80 today. Over the last several decades Japan, Europe, and developing countries have enjoyed similar increases in their life span.  Breakthroughs in biogenetics, bionics, and stem cell science are pushing the human life span well into the 100s, while a host of other advances will enable people to live these longer lives as smarter, healthier, vibrant individuals.

These advances are accelerating so rapidly that organizations, and indeed society, have had little time to prepare for and adjust to what is coming.

In this compelling and groundbreaking presentation, internationally-recognized sociologist/futurist Dr. Michael Zey, author of Ageless Nation, shows your audience—the organization, its managers, and its employees-- how to turn this exciting challenging trend into an opportunity for organizational and personal growth. 



     In this Presentation, Dr. Zey explores:
  • The breakthroughs making the Superlongevity Revolution possible
  • How this revolution is transforming the human life cycle
  • How your employees can enjoy successful careers in this brave new world 
  • The new human resources challenges all organizations will confront
  • How the healthier, more vibrant employee is a boon to your organization
  • How managers can manage the multigenerational workforce (and capitalize on the wisdom and experience of your more seasoned employees.)
  • How your company can market to all segments of the  multigenerational consumer base
Members of your audience will take away from this presentation a  knowledge of how the radical extension of the life span is impacting their organizations, their employees, their customers, and their own careers. More importantly, they will learn how they can take advantage of all the opportunities this exciting new trend offers.


The Superlongevity Effect
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